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Halls, Joan
Miracle of Fairbridge
Hesperian Press, Carlisle, Western Australia, 1999

In Miracle of Fairbridge, Joan Halls tells of coming as child migrant from England to Fairbridge Farm School at Pinjarra in 1933. In this book, the personal memories of many 'Old Fairbridgeans' are shared. Most of these people came to Fairbridge before World War Two, but there are some items from those who came in the 1950s. There are many photographs of the children, staff and buildings at Fairbridge Farm School Pinjarra. The book talks about:

  • Kingsley Fairbridge's 'dream' for Fairbridge Farm Schools
  • Coming to Australia and settling in
  • Cottage mothers
  • Food and other living conditions
  • The Royal visit and other events
  • Going out to work
In her conclusion, Joan Halls says that she has only good things to say about her time at the Fairbridge Farm School at Pinjarra.

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