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Crouch, RW
Adoption of Children
The West Australian
The West Australian, 20 October 1928, p. 21

'Adoption of Children: Invitation to Childless Parents' is an article from The West Australian newspaper. This rosy account of adoption is designed to encourage 'childless' people to think about adopting. The choice of subtitle, 'Childless Parents' is a theme that is developed in the article: a couple would not be childless by choice - they were in fact parents-in-waiting. The article is written by an Inspector from the Child Welfare Department, Mr Crouch, and is an example of the way adoption was viewed by authorities in the 1920s. It celebrates the 1,000th adoption in WA. The article also outlines the role of the Child Welfare Department, which Mr Crouch said was 'to link up the child which needs a home with the home that needs a child.'

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