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Address-in-reply [Royal Commission on Child Delinquency 4]
Hansard Archive 1870 to 1995
Parliament of Western Australia, 8 September 1943

'Address-in-reply' is an excerpt from the digital copies of the Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) of the Legislative Council of the Western Australian Parliament. It documents remarks by the Chief Secretary about the Government's response to two of the recommendations from the Royal Commission appointed to Inquire into the Care and Reform of Youthful Delinquents in 1943. In this debate, the Hon. WH Kitson, MLC outlined progress on the erection of a holding yard for young offenders at the Roe Street Lock-Up; denied there was any need for any further statutory intervention to limit publication of Children's Court cases; and indicated that Barton's Mill prison would continue to be used as a detention facility for young offenders. See pages 372-373 of the excerpt.