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Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project (1983 - 1993)

Care Provider and Youth Welfare Service

Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project was an agency that opened in 1983 to coordinate emergency and medium term supported accommodation services for young people aged 16-24 years in the Bunbury region of Western Australia. By 1989 young people aged 14-25 years were accommodated. From 1993 Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project was renamed Bunyap Inc.


In the early 1980s in Western Australia, a community group in Bunbury was interested in addressing the needs of young people who were unable to live at home. In 1983, the Department for Community Welfare funded the group to develop Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project, which was then funded through the Youth Supported Accommodation Program (YSAAP). Some young people may have been referred by child welfare authorities, but self-referrals were possible under this funding program.

At first, Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project found places for young people aged 16-24 years in hostel or refuge-type accommodation in Bunbury. The service focused on young people could not live at home, and who could not afford to board or rent privately.

On 11 November 1987, Bunyap became incorporated in the State of Western Australia, as the Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project Inc. On 25 November 1993 the service changed its name to Bunyap Inc.


1983 - 1993
Location - Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project was located in Bunbury. Location: Bunbury


 1983 - 1993 Bunbury Youth Accommodation Project
       1993 - 1997 Bunyap Inc.
             1997 - 2011 Agencies for South West Accommodation
                   2011 - AccordWest


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Prepared by: Leanne Howard and Debra Rosser