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Care of Children Committee [United Kingdom] (1946)

Advisory Council
Alternative Names
  • Curtis Committee (also known as)

The Care of Children Committee, chaired by Dame Myra Curtis, reported to the British House of Commons in 1946. The Committee had investigated Children's Homes in the United Kingdom and its Report (commonly known as the Curtis Report), focused on the 'remote and impersonal' way of 'caring' for children. It recommended significant changes to the out-of-home care system so that children received more care and attention to their individual needs. The Report also recommended improved training and development for staff working in the Homes.

The Curtis Report was 'unenthusiastic about child migration' generally, but saw a role for migrating children from 'deprived' and 'unfortunate' backgrounds. These children, it was believed, could gain 'the foundation of a happy life' in a new country.

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