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Western Australia - Archival Series

Files - Department of Aborigines and Fisheries (1909 - 1920)

Reference No
AU WA S1644
Legal Status
State Records Office of Western Australia Reference code

Files - Department of Aborigines and Fisheries contains both inward and outward correspondence, filed by subject.Subjects the files deal with include missions, lock hospitals, contracts and permits, native cattle stations, exemptions from the Aborigines Act, relief and inspection, as well as matters to do with fisheries and fauna.


Access Conditions

Access to some of the records in this series is open. However, there are restrictions on other files for 75 or 100 years. You are very welcome to enquire.

File covers vary considerably since a number of files were taken over from other departments (notably the Police Department, the Chief Secretary's Office and the previous Aborigines Department). In these cases, files covers were stamped with the imprint of the Aborigines and Fisheries stamp and a new file number was added within the stamp impression. The State Records Office created a separate listing for the files with fisheries content in the 1980's (this listing was filed in with other Fisheries Department file lists at AN 108). However, the original provenance of these records has now been re-established. As such, this series covers the whole of consignment 652 which comprises files with both Aborigines and Fisheries content (as well as administrative files without specific Aborigines or Fisheries content).

Prepared by: Debra Rosser