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Western Australia - Archival Series

Files (Aboriginal matters) - Chief Secretary's Department

Reference No
AU WA S2031
Legal Status
State Records Office of Western Australia Reference code

Files (Aboriginal matters) - Chief Secretary's Department were created by the central registry of the Colonial Secretary's Office/Chief Secretary's Department (even though much of the correspondence was sent to, and from, the Chief Protector of Aborigines or his deputy). In many instances, the files provide cross-references to files of the Department of Fisheries, which along with the Department of the North-West had responsibility for Aboriginal affairs in Western Australia. These latter files have often been amalgamated with the original Chief Secretary's Department files in this series. The files in this series, along with the files from the Department of the North-West (Records Series No. 2029), comprise the main collection of files relating to Aboriginal matters between the period 1920 and 1926.


Access Conditions

To protect the privacy of individuals, some records in this series are restricted. Many others are open for the public to view. You are very welcome to enquire.


It is worth noting that this record series also includes files that contain file covers from the Crown Law Department, the Treasury Department, the Tender Board and various other departments, likely as a legacy of the files being created by an office with oversight over such functions.

A number of 'personal' files are also included. (The term 'personal' file is a slight misnomer as these files invariably contain limited correspondence regarding the person stated. The Department for Communities holds a fuller series of personal files relating to Aboriginal people. These files were created by the various departments responsible for Aboriginal welfare and were transferred to the Department for Community Welfare in 1972).

Prepared by: Debra Rosser