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Western Australia - Archival Series

Florence Hummerston Collection (1945 - 1980)

State Library of Western Australia


This Archival Series contains Florence Hummerston's private papers which were deposited at the Battye Library of West Australian History by Wanslea Family Services in 1982. They are very extensive and cover all the activities and organisations she was involved with.


The Battye Library of West Australian History has given some of the records in this series codes to make finding them easier. The records with the codes: 'MN1378', 'ACC 4315A', and 'Item 273-615' relate directly to Wanslea.

There are more records relating to some years than others.

Access Conditions

This Archival Series is classified as 'Open' by Wanslea Family Services. This means anybody is free to access these files as they contain no personal or private information. You can go to the Battye Library of West Australian History to access the records in this archival series. Although you do not have to, this series is very large, so it may be useful to speak to a staff member at the library about which records in this series you are interested in.

Prepared by: Margaret Pember and Elizabeth Daniels