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Western Australia - Organisation

Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA (1993 - )

Records Access Service, Records Holder and Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA has a large collection of photographs, memorabilia and historical information about Salvation Army Homes and activities in Western Australia. It is run by a volunteer and is open on Tuesdays or by appointment. Please ring on Tuesdays if you wish to arrange another time to view the collection. There are no personal records, but many of the photographs of children and staff have been identified by name.



  • Hay, James, Property Souvenir, Australia; a record of progress, 1909-1921, Salvation Army, Melbourne, 1922. The Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA holds an original copy of 'Property Souvenir, Australia: a record of progress'. Details

Prepared by: Debra Rosser