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Western Australia - Legislation

Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1970 (1970 - 2006)

Amending Act

The Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1970 (no 1970/039) came into effect on 23 September 1970. It repealed the existing and created a new Second Schedule, giving current names to subsidised institutions. The way children on 'indictable' offences could be treated by the courts was also amended (s.20) and provisions for controlling foster care (ss.111, 113) were also tightened. The Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1970 was repealed by the Children and Community Services Act 2004.


In the Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1970, the second schedule (s.15) was amended to update 'subsidised institutions' (organisations that could receive a government subsidy for eligible children accommodated there): 's. 6 SECOND SCHEDULE. Church of England: Swanleigh (Boys and Girls), Middle Swan. Parkerville Children's Home Inc. (Boys and Girls), Parkerville. Roman Catholic: Catherine McAuley Centre. St Vincent's (Boys and Girls), Wembley. St. Joseph's (Girls), Wembley. Castledare Boys' Home, Cannington, Clontarf Boys' Town, Victoria Park. St. Mary's Agricultural School (Boys), Tardun. Nazareth House (Girls), Geraldton. Neuville Training & Assessment Centre (Girls), Leederville. Salvation Army: Salvation Army Hollywood Children's Village (Boys and Girls), Hollywood. Methodist: Methodist Homes for Children, Victoria Park. Allandale Home (Boys). Werribee Hostel (Girls). Mofflyn Home (Girls and Boys). Undenominational: Ngal-a Mothercraft Home and Training Centre Inc. (Boys and Girls), South Perth. Sister Kate's Children's Homes Inc. (Boys and Girls), Queen's Park. Wanslea Hostel (Boys and Girls), Cottesloe.'

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