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Redress WA Newsletter 2

Redress WA Newsletter 2, November 2009, courtesy of Redress WA.

Redress WA Newsletter 2

This newsletter from Redress WA contains information about the National Apology to the Forgotten Australians. It also announces a 'new $5,000 Eligibility Payment' which came into operation in September 2009 for those applicants with 'terminal or life threatening illnesses' who 'may not survive to have their ex-gratia payments paid to them.'
Some statistics on applications are given: 10,000 names were registered with Redress WA. 5,900 were 'eligible for the next stage of formal assessment.' The newsletter reported that applicants came from all walks of life, with 50% from stolen generations, 13% were former child migrants and 37% were others who had been in State care as children. Equal numbers of males and females applied, 60% were aged 50 years or more and 90% of applicants still lived in WA.

November 2009
Redress WA

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Redress WA Support Services for WA Care Leavers
Redress WA Support Services for WA Care Leavers