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Redress WA - Payment Cap WA <i>Motion</i> Hansard p7139b-7158a

Redress WA - Payment Cap WA Motion Hansard p7139b-7158a, 22 September 2010, courtesy of Parliament of Western Australia.

Redress WA - Payment Cap WA Motion Hansard p7139b-7158a

This excerpt from the Western Australian Parliament's Hansard of the Legislative Assembly documents the debate which followed the motion put by the Leader of the Opposition:

I move - That this house notes the Premier's comment that cuts to Redress WA were "too tough" and calls on the government to reverse the decision to cut the cap on ex gratia payments to those who were abused as children in the care of the state from $80 000 to $45 000.
The motion was lost by 3 votes.

The record shows that there were a number of interested people in the public gallery. Members spoke about their constituents' experiences in 'care' and with the Redress WA scheme. The debate concludes with an explanation of the Government's decision by the Premier, Mr Colin Barnett MLA.

22 September 2010
Parliament of Western Australia

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