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Redress WA - Completion <i>Statement by Minister for Community Services</i> Hansard p7953b-7954a

Redress WA - Completion Statement by Minister for Community Services Hansard p7953b-7954a, 29 September 2011, courtesy of Parliament of Western Australia.

Redress WA - Completion Statement by Minister for Community Services Hansard p7953b-7954a

This statement, given in the Legislative Council of Western Australia by the Minister for Community Services, reports the completion of the Redress WA scheme and gives some statistics and costs. The Minister acknowledged the suffering experienced by applicants and outlined the way applicants responded to Redress WA:

Applicants have told staff that their experience of applying was therapeutic, and receiving a call from a Redress staff member and being able to tell someone personally what happened to them was a positive experience. The fact that applicants were able to request a copy of their records of their time in care validated their experience as being believed and acknowledged, which for many was the most important part. I have also had feedback that the apology letter signed by me and the Premier was crucial to the healing process for many, and having an open line of contact with Redress staff while waiting for applications to be processed was reassuring.

29 September 2011
Parliament of Western Australia

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