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Aborigines (Training of Children) Act 1923, South Australia


The Aborigines (Training of Children) Act 1923 (Act No. 1565/1923) commenced on 14 November 1923. Its full title was ‘An Act to make Better Provision for the Care, Control, and Training of Aboriginal Children, for placing Aboriginal Children under the Control of the State Children’s Council, to amend the Aborigines Act, 1911, and for other purposes’. This Act expanded the definitions of ‘aboriginal’ and ‘half-caste’ in the 1911 Aborigines Act. The Act was repealed by the Aborigines Act 1934 on 1 April 1937.

Key Provision: Expanded the definitions of ‘aboriginal’ and ‘half-caste’ in the 1911 Act. Provided for the removal of an ‘aboriginal child’ to an institution under the control of the State Children’s Council. The Chief Protector ‘may … commit any aboriginal child to any institution within the meaning of the State Children Act 1895, … to be there detained or otherwise dealt with under the said Act until such child attains the age of eighteen years’. Applies to legitimate ‘aboriginal’ children who have obtained a qualifying certificate under the Education Act 1915 or who are at least fourteen years old and all illegitimate children irrespective of age who in the opinion of the Chief Protector and the State Children’s Council are neglected. Repealed by Aborigines Act 1934.


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