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Advisory Council of Empire Settlement, United Kingdom


The Church of England’s migration committee (which had a number of different names) organised the migration of British children to Swan Homes in Western Australia. In his history of Swan Homes, Roy Peterkin recalled the roles of two key people in arranging the migration of more than 200 children to Swan Homes over a period of 12 years. These were Mr Alfred Arthur Robertson (Office Manager at Swan Homes and Immigration Officer for the Anglican Church in WA) and the Secretary of the Anglican migration committee in London, Miss Enid Jones MBE. Writing about this in 1988, Peterkin (p.107) acknowledged that it was a ‘weakness’ of the scheme that there were ‘no detailed case-histories’ of the British children who were sent to Swan Homes.

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    Church of England Council of Empire Settlement

    Advisory Council of Empire Settlement

    Church of England Council for Commonwealth and Empire Settlement

    Church of England Council for Commonwealth Settlement

    Committee for Overseas Settlement

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