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Baptist Children's Homes


Baptist Children’s Homes were a number of family group homes run by Baptcare (formerly known as the Baptist Social Services, and Baptist Community Care) from around 1968 until around 1984.

Baptist Community Care (also known as Baptist Social Services) ran 3 family group homes in Melbourne.

Westside Children’s Home in a large house in Park Drive, Parkville was opened in February 1968 to provide emergency care. The property had been purchased by the West Melbourne Baptist Church. Its purpose was to meet the ‘short term needs of primary-aged children, who, because of domestic crises, faced the possibility of neglect or destitution’ (Otzen & Munro, 2018). In late 1969 the Church handed over the assets of Westside Home to Baptist Community Care.

After selling the Parkville property, Baptist Community Care bought its first family group home, located in Cuthbert Street, Heathmont. It opened in October 1970. The Home closed at the end of 1984, and the property was acquired by the Heathmont Baptist Church.

Another family group home in Boronia was opened in 1973, made possible by ‘op shop funds’ (Otzen & Munro). This family group home in Davey Street, Boronia, closed in June 1983, when the property was sold to the Boronia Baptist Church.

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    Baptist Social Service Homes for Children

    Westside Homes for Children


  • c. 1968 - c. 1970

    Baptist Children's Homes ran Westside Children's Home at 81 Park Drive, Parkville, Victoria (Building Unknown)

  • 1970 - 1985?

    Baptist Children's Homes ran a family group home at 78 Cuthbert Street, Heathmont, Victoria (Building Unknown)

  • 1973 - 1983

    Baptist Children's Homes ran a family group home at 7 Davey Street, Boronia, Victoria (Building Unknown)

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