Barnardos Australia was the new name given to Dr Barnardos in Australia around 1995. Barnardos Australia offers a range of services to children and families across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. These include accommodation, childcare, support programs, and permanency programs for out-of-home care including adoption, adolescent services, kinship care and foster care.

Barnardos Australia is a child welfare service provider. It offers family support: accommodation, brief interventions and practical assistance; family support: home visiting, respite care, childcare, group support and day programs; adolescent services: street work, accommodation and other specialised programs; and provides permanent care placements for children removed from their homes by the courts via foster care, kinship care or adoption.

Barnardos Australia provides a service for people who have lived in Barnardos care through after-care services. There are three parts to this programme; for young people who have been in care in New South Wales, for young people who have been in care in the Australian Capital Territory, and for ex-child migrants. Barnardos Australia recognises its responsibility to adults who have been past clients of the agency and provides ongoing support, information, counselling and assistance to access records.


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