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Barnardos Australia, Records

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Please contact Barnardos Australia (Aftercare Office):

Postal Address: Barnardos After Care, GPO Box 9996, Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: (02) 9281 2300

Email: aftercare@barnardos.org.au

Website: https://www.barnardos.org.au/services/

Records Location

These records are held by Barnardos Australia (c. 1995 - current).


Barnardo’s Australia is a collection of records held by Barnardo’s Australia that relate to the orphanages, children’s homes and Child Migration Schemes run and or participated in by Barnardo’s Australia. The type of records in this collection include shipping lists, a card index of child migrants, photographs, films and memorabilia.

Access Conditions

Barnardos Australia provides a service for people who have lived in Barnardos care to assist them accessing their files.

Barnardos Australia will only release records to Care Leavers or to their next of kin. The next of kin will be required to show proof of relationship and permission from the Care Leaver to access the records or provide proof of death. By agreement with Barnardos Old Boys and Girls, child migrant records will only be released to the child migrant except with their express written permission.


This collection of records relates to multiple homes and programs (including the Child Migration Scheme) that were involved with or run by Barnardos Australia and Barnardos UK. It includes photographs, films and memorabilia relating to Barnardos and its predecessors, and a card index of child migrants.

The card catalogue index was digitised and indexed as part of the Records Access Documentation Grants in 2019.

Index Cards, 1920s – 2000s
The index cards were created to record contact with children who spent time in Barnardos homes after they left care. The series is most comprehensive for child migrants but includes children who left care until the 1980s.

The cards generally contain the name, date of birth, date of arrival and ship name (if a child migrant), dates and details of home and work placements until the age of majority and board/wages applicable. Some cards include a photo, and details of religion, height or weight. Many have been annotated with changes of name and dates of death.

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