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Bethesda Family Group Home


The Bethesda Family Group Home in Mt Isa was operated by the Bethesda Children’s Centre Committee. It was licensed on 14 March 1980. Its funding ceased for a period in 1981 to 82, then it reopened around 1982 to 83. Bethesda Family Group Home closed in 1992.

In the 2001 publication Missing Pieces, records relating to the Bethesda Family Group home were described as including admission and discharge sheets, weekly reports, and some miscellaneous records. The publication also stated, “Unfortunately there are no client files for former residents”.

Investigations in 2023 to determine the location of these records, or how to access them, were unsuccessful. The current location of these records is unknown.

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  • 14 March 1980 - 1992

    Bethesda Family Group Home was situated at 12 Kirkwood Avenue, Queensland (Building Still standing)

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