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Centrecare, Centrecare Children's Cottages and Djooraminda, Records

To access these records

Please contact the Director, Centrecare:

Postal address: 456 Hay Street Perth, WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9325 6644

Email: enquiries@centrecare.com.au


Records Location

These records are held by Centrecare (1977 - current).


Centrecare is the organisation that has inherited the history and any existing records of Centrecare Family Services and Centrecare Marriage and Family Services. It is also the custodian of existing records from Centrecare Children’s Cottages, which was re-named Djooraminda in August 1992. The exact holdings are unknown, but there may be information relevant to people who were placed at: Beverley Cottages, Brookton Cottages, Glendalough Cottage, Northam Cottage and Youth Care.

Access Conditions

Any personal records are restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, but there may be other information that is available. You are very welcome to enquire.


It is unknown whether any records from Centrecare Children’s Cottage exist. There are some case records and admission registers for Djooraminda, and there may be records relating to Centrecare Children’s Cottages. There is a photograph album from the private collection of Gabrielle Garrett, which includes: pictures of young people in Centrecare Children’s Cottages from around 1985 to 1989; an edition of Djawal Idi (1989), an article, Keeping tradition alive from a Northam newspaper; and class photographs from Beverley District High School Year 9 (1986) and Year 10 (1987).

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