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Djooraminda was the new name given to Centrecare Children’s Cottages in 1992, accommodating Aboriginal children aged 0-15 years in family-type group Homes in metropolitan Perth and Northam. By 2012, Djooraminda was offering medium to long-term cottage-based, therapeutic placements for children aged 3-18 years. It remained open in 2014.

Djooraminda was the new name given to Centrecare Children’s Cottages on 27 August 1992, providing culturally-appropriate accommodation and and support services to Aboriginal children aged from 0-15 years on admission. ‘Djooraminda’ is from the Buddemia language (Yalgoo/Paynes Find area): ‘djoora’ means child and ‘minda’ means place.

By 1994, Djooraminda was funded by the Department for Community Development to provide placements for up to 30 children in metropolitan and country areas, including group Homes in Northam (three Homes), Viveash and Glendalough.

By 1997, the children admitted to facilities run by Djooraminda were younger, with the average age being 5 years. There was no longer a need for an education officer, but family reunification and support was a key focus. There was an emphasis on preparing the children to return to family or a longer-term foster placement.

After its change of name in 1992, Djooraminda had kept the management committee structure that had governed Centrecare Children’s Cottages. In 2002, Djooraminda became an agency of Centrecare Inc, the social welfare services bureau of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth. Although their names are similar, Centrecare Inc is not related to the former Centrecare Children’s Cottages.

Djooraminda continued to deliver services for Aboriginal children requiring out of home care, under agreements with the departments responsible for child welfare. In 2003, Djooraminda was funded to provide long-term cottage care placements for up to 30 children aged 6-15 years. From 2006, placements were extended to admit children younger than 6 years if they were part of a sibling group.

In 2012, Djooraminda Placement Services partnered with the Australian Childhood Foundation to develop and deliver therapeutic residential services for children aged 3-18 years.

Djooraminda remained open in 2014.


  • 1992 -

    Djooraminda was located at Beechboro, Western Australia


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