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Children's Welfare Act 1928, Victoria


The Children’s Welfare Act 1928 (No. 3654) was ‘An Act to consolidate the Law relating to Children’s Welfare and to the Protection of Infant Life’. It commenced on 18 December 1929 and consolidated and replaced all Victorian legislation relating to child welfare and infant life protection since 1864. In the 1920s, there was a growing shortage of foster parents, and as a result, there was a growing use of children’s homes to accommodate children who were state wards.

This Act repealed the Infant Life Protection Act 1915, No. 2670; Neglected Children’s Act 1915 No. 2703; Children’s Maintenance Act 1919 ( s16 and 23); Children’s Maintenance Act 1924 (s7); Children’s Welfare Act 1924 No. 3351; Children’s Welfare Act 1926 No. 3497.

1933: Sections 18 and 109 of the Children’s Welfare Act 1928 were amended by the Children’s Welfare Act 1933.

1954: The Children’s Welfare Act 1954 repealed the Children’s Welfare Act 1928 on 1 September 1955.

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