Cumbrae was opened as part of the Burnside Presbyterian Orphan Homes in September 1912 at North Parramatta. It was the second cottage built at Burnside and was a girls’ home. It was built to resemble a ‘normal’ home and remained a girls’ home until 1984. It then became Cumbrae Therapeutic Unit, a residential programme for primary school students, until 1987.

During 1942 to 1945, the Burnside cottages were evacuated for World War II. During 1948 and 1962-1965 Cumbrae was remodelled.

Cumbrae became the Cumbrae Therapeutic Unit between 1985 and 1987, serving the needs of primary school-aged students who had been voluntarily committed by their parents.

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  • Alternative Names

    No 2 Home

    No 3 Home

    Cumbrae Therapeutic Unit


  • 1912 - 1987

    Cumbrae was situated at Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta, New South Wales (Building Still standing)


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