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Department of Aboriginal Affairs, State Government of New South Wales


The Department of Aboriginal Affairs in New South Wales is the custodian of the records of the Aborigines Welfare Board (formerly known as the Aborigines Protection Board) and the Chief Secretary. The Family Records Unit was established as a result of the New South Wales Government response to the Bringing Them Home Report to assist Aboriginal people in New South Wales to access government records of themselves and their families, particularly members of the Stolen Generation who lost connection with their families as a result of past government policies and practices.

Access Conditions

Records relating to Aboriginal people are held by State Records NSW. However, due to the personal and sensitive nature of the information in these records many are closed to public access.

All of these records have been digitised which enables the Unit to access them direct and provide copies free of charge to people who have completed a “Finding your Mob” Personal Family History application, available from the website or by telephoning the Unit.

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