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Dundas Boys' Home


Dundas Boys’ Home was opened by the Churches of Christ in 1930. It was intended to house 21 boys, but by 1932 there were 31 boys in residence.

Dundas Boys’ Home was located in the house “Calmsley” at Dundas. In 1936, “Calmsley” was sold and the boys moved to Dunmore House, Pendle Hill.

Dundas Boys’ Home, at Dundas, was opened by the Churches of Christ on 1 November 1930. Frederick Stewart presided over the ceremony. It was the first children’s home run by the Churches of Christ.

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    c. 1936


  • 1930 - c. 1980

    Dundas Boys' Home was situated at "Calmsley", Kissing Point Road, Dundas, New South Wales (Building Demolished)



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