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Frank Gilson House was a family group home located in Maryborough. It opened in November 1970 and was the first family group home operated by Churches of Christ Care. It ceased to provide residential care c. 2000. The building retained the name ‘Frank Gilson House’ and operated as a Day Care Centre.

[Taken from Celebrating 75 years of Caring, Churches of Christ Care]

In Maryborough, Frank Gilson House, Care’s first family group home, was an initiative of the local church. One Sunday, parishioners noticed a young family, regular attendees of the Sunday School, was absent.

Worried, someone went to visit the family, and found the mother had left town and the eight children were living on their own.

Without parents to care for them, the children were placed in foster care and the once close knit family was split up and scattered throughout the state.

While the congregation was stretched supporting Fairhaven Retirement Village, knowing the State Government had funding available to set up group homes, the congregation set out to establilsh a family group home and bring the family back together. This was achieved under the leadership of church leader, Jim Ferguson.

The church donated land, the Lions Club raised funds, the State Government subsidised the project and paid for the furniture.

In November 1970, Frank Gilson House, named after the father of one of the generous donors, was opened and the family was reunited.

Since 2004, Care3 has progressively moved away from relying on houseparents, with the introduction of a youth worker model of care. Care also works collaboratively with other community agencies to provide a range of service options for children with high and complex needs.

Jim and Ann Deutschmann were the first house parents at Frank Gilson House.

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  • 1970 - 2001?

    Frank Gilson House was located at 26 Jupiter Street, Maryborough, Queensland (Building Still standing)


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