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Hamilton Family Home was opened by the government in Rapid Creek in 1968. It provided long term accommodation for up to nine Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children from babies to teenagers under the supervision of cottage parents. The exact closing date for the Hamilton Family Home is unknown.

Hamilton Family Home was opened in Robinson Road, Rapid Creek in 1968. It was one of three Family Homes established by the Welfare Branch of the Northern Territory Administration in the Darwin area that year. The other Homes were Harney Family Home and Chinnery Family Home.

The Home, a purpose-built five bedroom residence, was named after Mr W Hamilton who was an early Field Assistant Director for the Welfare Branch. It was established to provide long term accommodation for up to nine children, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal under the supervision of a Cottage Mother and her husband. They received rent-free accommodation and were paid a subsidy for each child under their care as well as a supervisory allowance.

Hamilton Family Home took in children from babies to teenagers for various periods of time, often long term, and had the capacity to take in a number of children from a single family.

From 1972, the Hamilton Family Home was run by the Welfare Division which had replaced the Welfare Branch. From the end of 1972 until 1974 the Commonwealth Department of Aboriginal Affairs took over control of child welfare in the Northern Territory and was therefore responsible for all government Homes for children. From 1974 the Home came under the control of the Community Welfare Section of the Northern Territory Administration. Statistical records from 1974 show that the Home continued to take in children of all ages.

Although the Home was damaged by Cyclone Tracy in December 1974, the building was considered to be structurally sound and able to be repaired. It continued to operate through the late 1970s. The closing date of the Hamilton Family Home is yet to be determined.

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    Hamilton Family Group Home


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    Hamilton Family Home was situated at lot 1521 Robinson Road, Rapid Creek, Northern Territory (Building Unknown)

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