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Luprina Hostel was opened by the government at Dudley Park in 1971. The Hostel was built to provide accommodation for young women, between the ages of 16 to 30, who were working or studying in the city. Luprina Hostel was still operating in 2018 and was run by Aboriginal Hostels Limited as short term accommodation for Indigenous people living away from home.

Luprina , meaning ‘place of rest’, was officially opened by the government on 3 May 1971. It was one of a small number of Hostels opened in 1971 that were financed by the Commonwealth Government. Nindee Hostel was another of these hostels that were created to provide accommodation for young Aboriginal people who were working or studying in the Adelaide.

Luprina was purpose built at Dudley Park because of the employment opportunities for women in that area. Girls and women from the age of 16 to 30 were accommodated there. Before placing a girl at Luprina, the Department assessed each resident’s employment prospects. An Advisory Hostel Committee assisted with placement. Two representatives of the Aboriginal Women’s Council were appointed to this Committee. Control of Luprina Hostel was transferred to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs on 31 December 1974.

In 2018, Luprina Hostel continued to operate as short-term accommodation in Adelaide for Indigenous people who are living away from home to access services or economic opportunity, and was run by Aboriginal Hostels Limited.

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    Luprina Hostel was situated at 2 Clement Street, Dudley Park, South Australia (Building Still standing)


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