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Marsden Home for Boys, Kallangur


Marsden Home for Boys, in Kallangur, was operated by the Marsden Home for Boys Committee of the Queensland Congregational Union from 1929. In June 1977, operations transferred to the newly-created Uniting Church. The Home closed 27 November 1992.

During World War II the Queensland Congregational Union considered caring for children evacuated from England until foster homes were found. To date no evidence has been found to confirm that this scheme was ever activated. Marsden Home was also briefly approved as an institution to take children under the British Child Migrants scheme, however there is no evidence that any child migrants were sent to Marsdent Home, and its registration was cancelled by 1957.

In 2013, the former Home is the site of the Frederick Marsden Youth Centre, a camp and conference facility. The centre was first established in 1929 as the Marsden Home for Boys by Mr Frederick Marsden.

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  • 1929 - 1992

    Marsden Home for Boys was situated at 10 Narangba Road, Kallangur, Queensland (Building Still standing)


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