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Medina Hostel was a government-run community support hostel for children aged 6-17 years. It was located in premises previously used by the Medina Education and Employment Hostel and accommodated children, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal who may or may not have been wards of the State. Medina Hostel closed around 1990.

Government reports (Signposts 2004, pp.329-330) show that in May 1983, Medina Hostel became part of the Department for Community Welfare’s ‘Community Support Hostel’ network with the purpose of providing ‘skilled care’ for children with professional staff employed at the hostel, working rotating shifts’. Many of the children and young people placed in Medina (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) would have been involved in the juvenile justice system, but it is possible that other children were also placed there as an alternative to emergency foster care.

When Medina was surveyed in 1983(Signposts p.330), its staff included a ‘live-in Manageress and two Groupworkers’.

In 1987, due to an increased demand for its services, the Medina Hostel was reported (Signposts p.330) as being ‘re-opened’. It is likely that the Medina Hostel had closed for a period in the 1985-1986 reporting year, but how long it remained inactive is unknown.

In 1989, it was reported (Signposts p.330) that the ‘Review of the Ridley Way programme at Medina was completed in June, and the implementation of recommendations will result in improvements to the programme and the working conditions for the staff.’ It is probable that by 1988 the Medina Hostel was experiencing increased demand for services, resulting in a new group home, Gilmore House, being established in the Gilmore Road premises in 1988. It is unknown when Medina commenced its programme at Ridley Way, whether it was co-located with Gilmore House in the Gilmore Road property at any time, or how long the Ridley Way programme operated for.

It is likely that the Medina Hostel had closed by 1990.

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  • 1983 - 1990?

    Medina Hostel was located at 150 Gilmore Ave, Medina, Western Australia (Building Still standing)

  • c. 1989 - 1990?

    Medina Hostel ran a programme at Ridley Way, Medina, Western Australia (Building Unknown)

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