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The Minton Boys Home was established in Olivers Hill, Frankston in 1924. It was previously known as the Seaside Home, Frankston and Melbourne Ragged Boys’ Home in Melbourne. The Minton Boys Home accommodated boys until the age of eighteen. In 1943, it was renamed The Menzies Home for Boys.

The services provided by the Melbourne Ragged Boys’ Home and The Seaside Home, Frankston were merged in 1924 at the Frankston location of Olivers Hill. This coincided with the resignation of the Mintons as Honorary Superintendent and Matron and in honour of their work for the organisation it was renamed Minton Boys Home.

In November 1925, 40 boys lived at the home and by May 1926 the numbers had increased with 54 boys accommodated. The boys of the Home continued to perform at annual fundraising concerts and there was the establishment of the Minton Boys’ Brass Band to assist with fundraising efforts. Other activities that the boys were involved in included the Minton Boys Choir, growing vegetables in the garden, the Minton football team and the cricket team. A Sunday School was also run by volunteers and outings to Frankston beach were organised, boys were also taught lifesaving skills as part of the Minton Life Saving group. The boys attended the local State school that had been established on the grounds, No. 4136.

James Menzies, the father of future Prime Minister, R.G. Menzies become the President of the Home’s Committee in 1926 and on 16 December 1926 the foundation stone was laid by the State Governor of Victoria for the extensions to the Home.

On 7 November 1928 the Minton Boys Home was officially registered, becoming Minton Boys Home Inc.

In the late 1920’s/early 1930’s the Home was almost closed due to financial issues. In 1931 there was suggestion of an amalgamation with Burwood Boys Home. As a result James Menzies tendered his resignation. Menzies was asked to withdraw his resignation and the amalgamation idea was dropped until 1934 when the Charities Board again tried to merge the two homes. But it was not successful.

In the early 1930’s the Home had issues with outbreaks of illnesses. In October 1931 there was an influenza epidemic, in 1932 ten boys contracted measles and by September 1934 the gym had to be turned into a hospital ward with 27 cases of influenza and seven cases of measles reported.

In 1936 an additional dormitory was built and a gateway erected displaying Minton Boys Home. The Home also established a motto at this time Keep the Gateway Open. No gate was ever added to symbolise that it was a place of sanctuary that allowed freedom of movement and not a prison. At the end of 1937 a plaque honouring Menzies was added to the gateway.

On 13 August 1943 Minton Boys Home became The Menzies Home for Boys.

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  • 1924 - 1943

    The Minton Boys' Home was located on Olivers Hill, Frankston, Victoria (Building Demolished)



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