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Oolanyah Hostel


Oolanyah Hostel, in Marble Bar, was established before 1971 as a government-run Aboriginal education and employment hostel for school-age children who came from outstations and communities to Marble Bar to go to school. At first, Oolanyah was for primary school students, but by 1987 only high school students were admitted. Oolanyah closed around 1993.

Government reports (Signposts 2004, pp.398-399) show that Oolanyah was a Department of Native Welfare hostel that in 1971 had 36 primary-school age children living there. In 1972, responsibility for Oolanyah was transferred to the Department for Community Welfare (DCW) in accordance with government policy at that time.

In 1979 the DCW (Signposts p.399) gave some information about the children living at Oolanyah: There were ’30 children from Boodarie, Pippingarra and Indee Stations; the Spare Hill Tin Mine; and the Roebourne, Port Hedland, Nullagine and Pilgangara areas’.

By 1987, Oolanyah, along with other country hostels, reportedly (Signposts p.399) admitted only ‘senior students’ and it was a policy to ensure that Aboriginal staff were employed to work in the hostel.

Oolanyah had closed by 1994, possibly in 1993.

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    Marble Bar Hostel


  • 1970? - 1993?

    Oolanyah Hostel provided accommodation at Marble Bar, Western Australia (Building Unknown)

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