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Our Children’s Home at Concord, also known as Ardill House, was established in 1918 at Davidson Avenue by the Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children. It was a children’s home until 1982, when it was converted to administration for the Society, and then to a child care centre.

Our Children’s Home, Concord, was one of three children’s homes operated by George Edward Ardill’s Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children. Our Children’s Home took in girls between the ages of seven and fourteen years old, and boys between the ages of seven and nine years old. The Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children stated that children in the home for were orphaned, “neglected”, or unable to be cared for by their parents. Parents were encouraged to contribute maintenance and visit their children as often as possible.

The Society acquired the property at Davidson Avenue in 1918 and called it Ardill House. It moved its operations from Liverpool to the new site.

In 1941 there were 19 children living in Our Children’s Home. In 1973 the home was licensed to care for 25 children, but this was reviewed and reduced to 10 children in 1981.

During the 1970s and 1980s the care of children gradually became deinstitutionalized and the movement towards simulating the environment of the home gained pace. In September 1982 the home was closed due to the diminishing level of donations to the Society, the effect of policies of the Department of Youth and Community Services in reducing the number of children permitted to reside at the home which diminished the level of assistance available from the Department, the policy of restoring children to families as soon as practicable, the difficulty of securing suitable staff, and the necessity for extensive alterations to premises to meet licensing standards.

A long day care centre was opened by the Society on the site in 1989. Before and after school care was also introduced. In 2011 it was trading as Integricare Ardill House North Strathfield, offering long day care in a Christian setting.

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  • Alternative Names

    Ardill House

    Our Children's Home, Concord

    Concord Children's Home

    Our Children's Home, North Strathfield


  • 1918 - 1982

    Our Children's Home was situated at 132 Davidson Avenue, Concord, New South Wales (Building Still standing)


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