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Petford Training Farm


Petford Training Farm, Petford, was initially privately funded by Geoff Guest. It opened in 1978 and in August 1983, the Petford Training Farm Aboriginal Corporation was licensed as a foster home. Funding for Petford Training Farm as a residential facility ceased in March 1999.

The Petford Training Farm operated as a camp for troubled indigenous youth. The primary activity at Petford Farm was to educate Aboriginal youths about horse riding and horse care.

The Daffen Report 1998 recommended that funding to Petford Training farm as a residential facility for young people be terminated. The 1999 report of the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland also recommended that government funding of the facility be withdrawn.

In the publication Missing Pieces (2001), it stated that ‘further details on Petford records will be advised as information becomes available’.

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    c. 1999


  • c. 1978 - c. 1998

    Petford Training Farm was situated at Emuford Road, Petford, Queensland (Building Unknown)

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