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Protestant Children's Home


The Protestant Children’s Home was established in 1921 as a hostel for girls from regional areas who went to high school in Geraldton. It was administered and run by Geraldton Protestant Homes Inc., which was formed by Protestant churches in Geraldton. In 1964 it became Dellahale House.

Although the Protestant Children’s Home was established for high-school aged girls, it did also accept younger girls and boys up to the age of 10. Children at the home ranged between 5 and 17 years in age. In 1921 the Home had capacity for 20 children, and for 30 children by 1936, at which time plans were being made for additions which would house a further 10 children.. Parents were required to pay weekly boarding fees, with a slight discount provided for families with multiple children living in the Home.

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  • 1921 - 1964

    The Protestant Children's Home was located at 15 Francis Street., Western Australia (Building Demolished)



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