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Rabbit Island Mental Hospital


Rabbit Island Mental Hospital was a government run institution established in around 1917. It was previously known as the Rabbit Island Hospital for the Insane. It was run by the Inspector General of Mental Hospitals. In 1936 it became known as the Peat and Milson Islands Mental Hospital.

Rabbit Island Mental Hospital was an institution for people considered to be ‘mentally defective’ or ‘feeble-minded’ to use the language used at the time.

By 1920 the facilities on Rabbit Island were vastly overcrowded. In August 1924, Milson Island was officially dedicated as part of the institution, which eventually became known as Peat and Milson Islands Hospital.

In this era there was no attempt to provide anything more for inmates than the basics of shelter and food. ‘Treatment’ involved cleanliness, but there was no physical or emotional support or therapy, or rehabilitation. Indeed, those who were able were expected to carry out heavy labour to maintain and improve the facility.

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    Mental Hospital, Rabbit Island


  • 1917? - 1936

    Rabbit Island Mental Hospital was situtated on Rabbit Island, New South Wales (Building Still standing)

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