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Rowellyn Family Group Home


Rowellyn Family Group Home, in Brighton, was operated by the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches. It was established by the Presbyterian Church in January 1965. Management was transferred to the newly-created Uniting Church on 22 June 1977. It was known as “Rowellyn” from March 1985. It closed in February 1989 and reopened in around 1990/91. Rowellyn closed 15 August 1997.

Rowellyn Family Group Home was licensed under the State Children Act 1911 on February 1965 and under the Children’s Services Act 1965 on 4 August 1966.

A publication from 1968 stated that the purpose of Presbyterian family group homes in Queensland was:

to provide children, bereft of normal family living, with a home environment, controlled by substitute parents. Each home accommodates ten children. Children of all denominations accepted, but they attend Presbyterian worship.

The children are classified into normal family units and natural families of brothers and sisters are kept together. They are assimilated into local schools, churches and other community activities (Social Services Queensland, 1968, p.93).

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  • 1965 - 1997

    Rowellyn Family Group Home was situated at 10 Neal Street, Brighton, Queensland (Building Still standing)

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