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'Sobraon' Training Ship


The Sobraon Training Ship replaced the Nautical School Ship Vernon as a reformatory in 1892. It was three times the size of the Vernon and housed more than 200 boys at a time. After the Neglected Children’s and Juvenile Offenders’ Act of 1905 introduced probation, numbers declined on the Sobraon. Boys were either discharged to parents or guardians, apprenticed out or sent to the Mittagong Farm Home for Boys or the Brush Farm Reformatory. In 1911 the Sobraon was abandoned.

The Sobraon was sold to the Australian Navy, renamed HMAS Tingira and used as a training vessel until 1927.

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    N.S.S. Sobraon


  • 1892 - 1911

    Sobraon was moored off Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, New South Wales (Building Demolished)



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