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St George's Homes, Rockhampton Records

To access these records

Please contact the Diocesan Business Manager/Registrar, Anglican Diocese of Rockhampton:

Postal address: PO Box 710, Rockhampton QLD 4700

Phone: (07) 4927 3188

Email: diocese@anglicanchurchcq.org.au

Records Location


The Diocese of Rockhampton (Anglican Church of Australia) holds a collection of records relating to St George’s Orphanage and St George’s Homes.

Access Conditions

The records are not accessible to the general public. Former residents of the Homes are supplied with any personal information they seek.


  • Admission Records: An admission register with names and dates and some detail as to reason for admission
  • Discharge Records: A register with dates of discharge and some entries have reasons for discharge
  • Register: An almost complete register of inmates. There would also be a register of baptisms at the Home, which would include the district of Parkhurst as well
  • Indexes: An index of residents relating to the above
  • Other records: Some general correspondence, a basic history of the institution, minute books of the committee of management (not complete), photographs of the Home
    and some events, scrapbooks of Diocesan events including some of St George’s Homes events from the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

The Homes (including the Group Homes) were governed by a Management Committee from 1917 until 1982 – most of the minutes of this committee still exist, as well as Synod Reports and Church Gazette articles. These are all kept in the Diocesan Registry.

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