St Luke’s Anglicare was established in 1979 by the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo with the support and cooperation of the Uniting Church. St Luke’s came into being as a result of the decision to close St Luke’s Toddlers’ Home, which had been operating in Bendigo since 1932. In August 2014, St Luke’s became part of Anglicare Victoria.

St Luke’s Anglicare operated in regional Victoria and into the Riverina area of New South Wales. St Luke’s had offices in Bendigo as well as Albury, Castlemaine, Deniliquin, Echuca, Kyneton, Maryborough and Swan Hill.

St Luke’s Anglicare, through its Child Youth and Family Services divisions, delivered out-of-home care services including foster care, Adolescent Community Placement (ACP), Intensive Case Management Service (ICMS), residential care, permanent care and adoption and caregiver recruitment and support services.

St Luke’s began its foster care service in 1981, its Supported Accommodation Assistance program in 1984, and in January 1999 commenced an Adolescent Community Placement program. In July 1999, the agency was incorporated as St Luke’s Anglicare. In 2001 Westate Community Development’s Adoption and Permanent Care program merged with St Luke’s.

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