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State Children Department, State of Western Australia


The Western Australian State Children Department existed between 1 January 1917 and 22 December 1927. The State Children Department was an early preceding agency to the Department for Communities and the Department for Child Protection and Family Support which were established in 2007.

The State Records Office website provides an overview of the State Children Department:

Following a change of permanent head, the Public Charities and Children’s Department became one department, the State Children’s Department in 1917, to reflect the greater emphasis placed on protection of juveniles.

In 1927 the Child Welfare Act replaced the State Children Act and the departmental name was changed accordingly. The Department continued to be responsible for the Perth Children’s Court.

Sydney Watson held the position of Secretary, State Children Department (Western Australia) from 1917-1927 before becoming the Secretary of the Child Welfare Department was established.

  • From

    1 January 1917

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    22 December 1927

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