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Sydney City Mission records, 1862-1983, including minute books and historical papers

To access these records

Please contact the General Counsel, Mission Australia:

Postal Address: GPO Box 3515, Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: 1800 021 673

Email: supporter@missionaustralia.com.au

Reference Number

Quote this number to access your records: State Library of New South Wales - Manuscripts & Pictures Call Number, MLMSS 4779

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This archival collection titled Sydney City Mission records, 1862-1983, including minute books and historical papers, held by the State Library of New South Wales contains records dated from 1862 to 1983 relating to Sydney City Mission.

Access Conditions

The Sydney City Mission records are held at the State Library of New South Wales. People wishing to access these records require written permission from Mission Australia. Mission Australia’s policy is to give individuals access to information about them upon request so they can review and correct details. If access is denied then Mission Australia will justify their stance.

Once written permission is received, the person requesting access can contact the State Library of New South Wales. The written permission from Mission Australia must be provided when contacting the Library. If visiting the Library identification is also required to receive a gold library card, alternatively a request can be submitted online and the Library can do an hours research on your behalf.


This is a very large collection and has been divided into many archival series (or parts). They make up a total of 52 boxes and 32 volumes and include a variety of record types and relate to a number of homes related to the Sydney City Mission.

This archival collection contains records of children’s homes, including Mt Gibraltar at Bowral, Cowley House at Cronulla and Haddon Hall at Woodford, and may relate to Lawson Cottage and Stonehaven. This collection includes manuscripts, historical papers, financial records and annual reports. It includes photographs and audio-visual material from the children’s homes, and registers of children’s names from the homes.

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