Mission Australia was formed in 1996 when Sydney City Mission, Adelaide City Mission, Wollongong City Mission, Perth City Mission (also known as Jesus People Inc.), Brisbane City Mission, Mission Australia Northern New South Wales, Mission Australia Southern New South Wales, Mission Australia Group Training and Mission Employment all joined forces. It provides a range of welfare services, although it no longer conducts residential care for young people or children.

Mission Australia was formed in 1996, and was the new name for the Sydney City Mission. The Sydney City Mission was founded in 1862, by Benjamin Short, a new arrival who was appalled by the poverty he witnessed in city. It provided a range of services to the disadvantaged.

Mission Australia runs community and employment services across Australia, delivering youth and children’s programmes, jobseeker programmes, homelessness services and skills training. It has offices in every state.


Records of the homes run by Sydney City Mission and other predecessors to Mission Australia are under the control of Mission Australia. Some are lodged in the Mitchell Library, which is part of the State Library of New South Wales.


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