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Ventnor Avenue Bethel Home


Ventnor Avenue Bethel Home, Mount Pleasant, was established in 1970 by Bethel Inc, an independent mission society. Ventnor Avenue could accommodate up to 12 Aboriginal students, male and female, going to high school in Perth. It had closed by 1982.

In 1970, the Ventnor Avenue Bethel Home was surveyed as part of a government project to determine what facilities existed for in Perth for Aboriginal students from country Western Australia. At this time, it was reported (Wilson and Robinson, 1971, in Signposts 2004, p.529) that there were seven girls living at Ventnor Avenue and no boys. All the girls went to Applecross High School.

Ventnor Avenue had closed by 1982.

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  • 1970 - 1982?

    Ventnor Avenue Bethel Home was located at 8 Ventnor Avenue, Mount Pleasant, Western Australia (Building Unknown)

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