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Warramboo Hostel


Warramboo Hostel in Yalgoo was officially opened on 18 March 1961 as a government-run hostel for Aboriginal children going to school in Yalgoo. The hostel was run by the Department of Native Welfare and from 1972 the Department for Community Welfare. It was operated by a local committee and opened with capacity for 16 children, though it generally accomodated 17 children. Children attended the hostel because their parents were employed on stations where no schooling was provided. Warramboo closed in 1980.

The 1961, 1962 and 1963 Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Native Welfare provide updates on Warramboo by the Officer in Charge. These reports provide a brief overview of the hostel and what was occurring at the time:

  • The 1961 report discusses the opening of the hostel, how it operates, the change in children’s behaviour since being there, their attendence at Yalgoo State School.
  • In 1962, the update mentions the success in having fowls on the property and employment being found for a child to work after school and on Saturday mornings.
  • The 1963 report discusses the hostel’s renovations including the creation of a garden, a new fence and the property being painted. It also discussed books being sent by the Education Department to support children’s study.

By 1972 the hostel was operated by the Department for Community Welfare and the annual report specifies that it was for primary school age children. There is no mention in the Annual Reports of it closing, however it was no longer mentioned in the 1981 Annual Report.

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  • Alternative Names

    Warramboo House


  • 1961 - 1980

    Warramboo Hostel was located on the corner of Gibbons and Selwyn St, Western Australia (Building Unknown)


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