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Weeriana Hostel, in Roebourne, was established in 1964 as a government-run Aboriginal education and employment hostel for Aboriginal children going to primary and high school in Roebourne. There were 66 children in residence at the hostel in 1971, and 45 children in 1979. By 1995, its function had changed to provide short to medium term and emergency accommodation for children aged from 0-15 years. Around 2010 the Weeriana Hostel also became known as the Weeriana Group Home. The Hostel buildings were demolished in 2013, however in 2014 the Weeriana group home was still in operation.

Government reports (Signposts 2004, pp.564-565) show that Weeriana was a Department of Native Welfare hostel that in 1971 had 66 primary and high school age children living there. In 1972, responsibility for Weeriana was transferred to the Department for Community Welfare (DCW) in accordance with government policy at that time.

In 1979 (Signposts p.564) the DCW gave some information about the children living Weeriana: There were ’45 children from Pipingarah, Mardie, Yarraloola and Chirratta Stations; and from the Port Hedland and Wickham areas’.

A ten-bed cottage was built for staff quarters in 1980, and the youngest children were housed there in what authorities hoped (p.564) would provide more of a ‘family atmosphere’ than the main building.

From 1984, children whose families lived in Roebourne were also admitted to Weeriana. The department’s viewpoint was explained when Weeriana was surveyed in June 1995 (OHAC Cost Project, Department for Community Services, June 1995, quoted in Signposts p.565): Weeriana’s role was in providing ‘short to medium accommodation for both family support and protection needs’.The reviewing officer reported that ‘Consultation within the community indicated the service is both valued and respected’ and recommended that Weeriana be retained as a ten bed cottage.

During 1994, 18 children were admitted to Weeriana. Most were 0-6 years old but children but teenagers up to 15 years were also admitted.

In 2013 the main hostel building of Weeriana was demolished. Weeriana remained open in 2014 as the Weeriana Group Home.

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    Weeriana Group Home

    Weerianna Hostel

    Roebourne Hostel


  • 1964 -

    Weeriana Hostel was located on Harding Street, Roebourne, Western Australia (Building Partially demolished)

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