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Wyatt Lodge was established in the early 1980s as a residential care unit, as part of the Church of England Children’s Homes, Burwood. In the 1980s Church of England Homes Burwood changed their name to the Weldon Centre. This closed as a residential institution in 1993 due to a lack of government funding.

In 2012 a former youth worker at the Weldon Centre contacted the New South Wales State-Based Historian, Naomi Parry, to donate a collection of 100 photographs, taken in 1981. These colour snapshots, which feature excursions and events within the home, have the names of children and workers written on the back. They have been deposited with the National Orphanage Museum (Care Leavers Australia Network).

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  • 1980s - 1993

    Wyatt Lodge was situated at Burwood, New South Wales (Building Unknown)

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