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Yandeyarra Station


Yandeyarra Station, in the Pilbara across the Yule River, was run by a local Aboriginal community. From at least 1978 to 1983, the Department for Community Welfare sent Aboriginal boys and girls who had been convicted of offences to Yandeyarra so that they could receive practical training, support and guidance.

Yandeyarra Station was one of a number of pastoral stations that the Department for Community Welfare utilised to provide Aboriginal girls and boys who had been convicted of offences with an alternative to detention in Perth. In the 1981 annual report (Signposts 2004, p.585) the department explained what it saw as the benefits of this approach. Yandeyarra: ‘offers care, supervision, training and employment in a relevant cultural setting where the vocational skills learned and the lifestyle is appropriate and attractive to youths and girls from the town where they face a more uncertain future’.

The span of years that young people were placed at Yandeyarra is not known.

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  • 1978? - 1983

    Yandeyarra Station was located in the Pilbara, across the Yule River, Western Australia (Building Unknown)

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