In the first round of Records Access Documentation Grants, administered by the Find & Connect web resource in 2012-13, the following organisations were successful.

Anglican  Archives, Enoggera

Create an index of individual children’s records for Enoggera Boys’ Home. See:

Anglican  Archives Tufnell

Develop a comprehensive finding aid to assist archives staff to efficiently and effectively locate records when a Forgotten Australian enquires. Create an index of individual children’s records for Tufnell Children’s Home.

‘… the tool has made life in Anglican Archives much easier as we can search and know what records we hold for each child. It’s great!’

The Anglican Diocese of Perth

Review contents of Student Board Files (c.1940 to c.1970) for children living at Swan Homes and Swanleigh, and create database.

Anglicare Diocese of Sydney

Create a full and complete computerised alphabetical index of all children in residential care from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Anglicare Victoria

Catalogue, preserve and create electronic index to photographs from 1940 to 1980.

Berry Street

Undertake indexing of records within the Heritage Collection, prioritising records from 1920 to 1980. As most former residents will have information about them in more than one place in the collection, this will help Berry Street to locate all relevant records. See:


Index records of people who attended BoysTown residential facilities from 1961 to 1989. The activities funded by the RADP grant identified files thought to be missing, and uncovered relationships between records in different series, and significantly shortened the release process.

‘Time spent searching for records has been reduced from 4 weeks to 4 days.’


Create an index for Margaret Harris Hospital records (this was a hospital for children living at Burnside Presbyterian Homes for Children). The index records details from hospital files against past client records, giving past clients access to their medical history. See:

Catholic Church Diocese of Darwin

Digitise and transcribe information from two fragile registers relating to Garden Point Mission (Melville Island), to enable full-text searching, facilitate access and preserve the original registers. See:

Catholic Children’s Homes Enquiry Service

Create an index to the original records held by CCHES, prioritising records from the period 1920-1980.

CatholicCare Hunter-Manning

Create database and develop an efficient system for accessing records. See:

CatholicCare Waitara

Create an electronic name index to records of Our Lady of Mercy Homes.

Christian Brothers QLD

Create searchable database for records of institutions run by the Christian Brothers in Western Australia.

‘Our participation in the RADP and the receipt of the grant have enabled the identification and entry into the RADP tool as well as the creation of the Institutions Database. It has been very beneficial.’

Connections UnitingCare

Create a searchable database for records re former wards of Methodist Babies Home 1931-1971. See:


Create index and lists for all records 1920s to 1980s.


Create name index to aid quick retrieval of information from the Registers and Case Files, dating back to 1869.

Kildonan UnitingCare

Locate and identify photographs and create a gallery of suitable public photographs.


Create one, unified electronic index for client records.


Create an electronic list of the photographic collection. The grant project led to the digitisation of 4200 photographs and slides, as well as annual reports and minute books. See:


Describe, organise and increase accessibility of records held by OzChild relating to Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants. Access professional archival advice, develop electronic indexes of client files, conduct a records survey and improve description of records.

“The project has been extremely helpful to OzChild”

Salvos NSW

Create an index of photographic collection. See:

Silky Oaks

Improve the information made available to former residents by cataloguing photographs and added more information to the database, such as names of family members, dates of birth etc. See:

Sisters of Mercy Bathurst

Create index to names and other contextual information in the registers from:

St Joseph’s Orphanage Bathursy

Croagh Patrick Orphanage

“The grant funding received by ISMAPNG has been most beneficial to our organisation in that no longer do original records have to be accessed to answer enquiries”.

Sisters of Mercy Goulburn

To create index to names and other contextual information in the Notifications of Admission to St John’s Goulburn (1959-1959). See:

“We found the project very beneficial and feel we have achieved a lot in making the records more available to Forgotten Australians and former Child Migrants.”

Sisters of St Joseph

Create an alphabetical index for records of 4 homes:

St Joseph’s Orphanage, Kincumber
St Joseph’s Girls’ Home
St Joseph’s Home for Children, Croydon
St Martha’s Industrial Home

St Joseph’s Cowper

Create an index for clients from the period 1939-1989, employ an archivist to survey all records and make detailed plan for the management of the collection. See:

‘We have been most grateful for the Find & Connect grant which has allowed us to begin the process of making our archives readily accessible. It will lead to us doing much more than what the grant was for – it has been a great catalyst to begin the whole process of ensuring that our archives are indexed & stored in the best possible condition. It has also ensured that we know exactly what records we have on each past resident!’

UnitingCare West

Consult with a professional archivist and start the Re-Connection Project to identify, arrange and describe records relating to children. See:


Update and modify children’s database, to include information from Protestant World Magazine published from 1940s to 1980s, District Council Meeting Minutes, and Matrons’ Reports. See:

Wanslea Family Services

Employ an archivist to survey and undertake arrangement and description work on the collection, dating from the 1940s to 2004 (records include: admission records, case notes, letters, photographs and annual reports).

Wesley Mission Victoria

Survey, discover, serialise and index Forgotten Australians’ records. See: