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Arncliffe Girls' Industrial Home (1916 - 1930)

  • The Nest (Arncliffe Girls Home)

    The Nest (Arncliffe Girls Home), 1916? - 1941?, courtesy of Care Leavers Australaisa Network (CLAN).

Children's Home, Home, Industrial School and Salvation Army
Alternative Names
  • Arncliffe Girls' Home
  • Dappeto

Arncliffe Girls' Industrial Home was established at Arncliffe in 1916, possibly in rented premises, before moving to a house called Dappeto in 1917. It was run by the Salvation Army and was an industrial school and home for girls who had been committed to care by the courts. It was closed in 1930 and converted to The Nest Children's Home.


It is possible that the Arncliffe Girls' Industrial Home commenced in rented premises before moving to Dappeto, a sandstone Italianate mansion that dates from 1885 and was acquired by the Salvation Army in 1917.

Dappeto was built by Frederick Gibbins, an oyster merchant. The sandstone walls of the house are said to be sealed with whale oil. Gibbins' daughter Ada married David Stead, the father of the famous novelist Christina Stead, in the house in 1907, when Christina was a toddler. Stead's memories of her stepmother are that her treatment was 'dubious.'

Gibbins built the Steads another house, in Rockdale, called 'Lydham Hall'. Gibbins died in 1917 and Dappeto was acquired by the Salvation Army.

Dappeto served as a Salvation Army children's home until 1969, when it was converted to aged care.


1916 - 1930
Address - Arncliffe Girls' Industrial Home was situated at 171 Wollongong Road, Arncliffe. Location: Arncliffe


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The Nest (Arncliffe Girls Home)
The Nest (Arncliffe Girls Home)
1916? - 1941?
Care Leavers Australaisa Network (CLAN)


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